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Communication & Coordination

How are you going to set yourself apart within the care continuum?

CareTree makes communication, coordination, and transitions of care simple.

CareTree connects to your existing EMR or scheduling software, automatically populating the patient, caregiver, and scheduling information in CareTree. You can then use CareTree to easily communicate and coordinate with anyone on the care team, from caregivers to doctors.

Hospital readmissions are very important for all providers. The patients that are most likely to be readmitted are transitioning through the continuum of care. With each provider, you have another data silo and another opportunity for things to fall through the cracks. CareTree gives you an easy way to keep everyone on the same page and to make sure the care plan is being followed through the continuum. Whether you use this for internal communication and coordination, or choose to involve other providers, CareTree can help.

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Better Communication, Better Care

Differentiate from competition
How do you set yourself apart from your competition? Quality? Service? Those are tough things for your prospects to see. Give your team a leg up by being able to show the family a tool that really sets you apart –the CareTree Family Portal.
1-Click access to ANY EMR
You may need to know what happened at the doctor’s appointment or what the lab results were. Your client isn’t just seeing 1 doctor, so CareTree allows you to centralize the patient portals for all of your client’s doctor and hospital records. CareTree gives you 1-click access to any provider in the country and you won’t find that anywhere else.
Automatic updates to family
You don’t have to worry about playing phone tag or long email chains with the family. You can post in CareTree and the system will automatically send email or text messages to the entire Care Team, giving them instant updates about what is important. The family gets peace of mind and you save time!
ALL calendar events
If you have a portal, right now it is just showing your schedule. However, your client has a lot more going on in his/her life than just your calendar. CareTree makes it convenient for you AND for the family by allowing you to put all of the calendar appointments in one place. Now you know how your schedule fits in with everything else: home care visits, therapy sessions, doctor’s appointments, travel, and family events.
2-Way communication
The family can ask questions, respond to updates, and coordinate care in the activity feed. There is a record of everything they say, so there isn’t confusion about who is doing what and you don’t have to repeat it back to the entire team.
Centralize entire health record
There is a lot going on with your client, that is why you’re involved. CareTree allows you to centralize the entire health record so the family can be an active part of the team, improving outcomes and lowering readmissions. Keep a centralized list of medications, track the vitals, have documents at your fingertips, and know the medical history.
Easy as Facebook™
There are over 1 Billion people using Facebook, so CareTree was designed to be as easy to use as Facebook. That means your staff and the family don’t need to be trained on how to use it – it’s just intuitive and reacts like other software they are used to using.
Better reporting
With all of the data in one place, CareTree allows you to build an expansive array of reports so you can prove the quality of care that you provide. We’re also finding that providers who use CareTree have their numbers improve because better communication = better care.

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